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End of Lease Cleaning Parramatta

We take the stress out of cleaning! You have enough to worry about with your big move. Why not hire a professional, locally-based company of cleaning experts who are passionate about providing the highest quality of service? We’ll make your place really sparkle!

End of Lease Cleaning that Delivers Results

Get results with our professional end of lease cleaning solutions. Whether you have a flat or a massive enterprise location, we can get everything perfectly clean in a flash. We deliver speedy results and world-class cleaning that will leave your landlords in awe.

About Our Company

We’re a family-owned professional end of lease cleaning company based in the Parramatta area, covering most of Sydney. We originally started as a small family operation before our success saw our company grow explosively in the last decade.

Our Mission

We’re here to take the stress out of cleaning your flat or office when your lease is almost up. Whether you’re a last-minute planner or you like to set everything up ahead of time, let our professional cleaners handle everything from the lamps to the walls!



World-class Cleaning Solutions

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

When you’re looking for world-class carpet cleaning services in Parramatta and other local Sydney suburbs, turn to the only company with a near-perfect customer satisfaction rating! We’re the best choice for carpet cleaning services for your home or business.

We have the tools and experience needed to tackle any carpet cleaning job before the end of your lease or for any other reason. Our professional cleaning technicians are here to ensure everything is sorted, which lifts the burden from your shoulders.

Use our company whenever you want to deal with a professional, local group of experienced carpet cleaning technicians who know how to make things shine. We’ll remove stains and impurities from the carpet so you can focus on moving to your new location without worrying about what the landlord will think!

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta Service


We have lower prices than any other company in the local area, and we make sure that you feel great about what you pay for our services. Check our rates versus our competitors!

Fast Turnaround

We get the job done faster and better than the competition. For the fastest turnaround time on carpet cleaning, choose our company over competing businesses in the area!

Stay Updated

We give you more updates about the status of your order than any other company. Whether you choose to keep in contact with us via E-mail, SMS, or phone, we’re always there!

Licensed & Accredited

All of our professional cleaners undergo rigorous training and the best licensing programs in the region. We only hire the best staff in the business to keep operating at an A+ level.

House Cleaning Parramatta

Have a home or flat of any size that requires cleaning before your lease has ended? Our professionals can come out to your location quickly with fast-response, top-quality cleaning services. We’ll handle everything from the inside of your lamps to the walls and windows.

When it comes to cleaning homes in the area effectively, we’re the only company that gets the job done right every time. Just ask thousands of customers who have used us to clean their homes, businesses, and leased properties every year for the last two decades!

When you want quality, you need to deal with us. Our teams of professional home cleaners are on the job to ensure that everything sparkles when we’re done. We’ll impress your landlord and bring your home up to a new standard of clean!

House Cleaning Parramatta Service

Affordable Rates

Whether your lease is up and you require professional cleaning, or you’re simply looking to spruce up your home, we can send out professionals for low rates.

Fastest Service

Compared to competing services, we have the fastest turnaround in the business. When you need your home cleaned quickly, contact us to set up an appointment!

Best Support

We stick around to answer any and all questions you have. Whether you want a status update or you need to change your service, we’re always around to help.

Fully Licensed

All of our staff members have undergone rigorous training to qualify them to work for our company. We keep our staff stocked with only the best technicians and specialists.

Office Cleaning Parramatta

Does your business or office require professional cleaning solutions? Whether the end of your lease is coming soon or you simply need the best staff in the local area to clean your office location, we can send out a professional team to get the job done.

Let’s work together to make your office shine. We use only next-generation green certified technologies that will keep your business sparkling clean while maintaining low negative impact to the environment. Our professionals clean quickly, thoroughly, and have a sense of perfectionism matched by few.

We will restore your office location to the same level of beauty it had the first day that you moved in, so that your landlords, office managers, and administrators can’t even find a speck of dust! Schedule a cleaning today at your office location with our professional certified staff.

Office Cleaning Parramatta

Cut Your Costs

Have an existing team of office cleaning contractors? Fire them! We have rates twice as low as the lowest-priced competing office cleaning specialists.

Fast Turnaround

We know you don’t have time to wait around, and we don’t either. We finish any cleaning jobs you have for us in lightning speed so you can get back on track.

In the Loop

It’s our duty to communicate with your staff and keep them updated. We’ll work with all designated staff to make sure you’re informed of the progress.

Modular Solutions

Have specific needs and constraints? We specialize in cleaning all sorts of different offices. Low-priced custom cleaning solutions are available now!

Commercial Cleaning Parramatta

Do you require next-generation commercial cleaning services? Whether you’re moving into a new location or you simply want to bring your commercial location up to a new standard of clean, we’re on-call to help you with the fastest turnaround in the industry.

No other company in the local area can do what we do as quickly as we do it. When you need fast yet thorough commercial cleaning in Parramatta and nearby suburbs, it’s time to call upon our professional cleaning technicians to get the job done quickly.

For the best cleaning service in the area, peerless standards, and next-generation green technology, use only our business. We’ve designed packages optimized to give you the best solutions pound-for-pound on the dollar. Choose us for commercial cleaning services!

Commercial Cleaning Parramatta Service

Save Money

By using our service, you are choosing the most competitively-priced commercial cleaning providers in the local area. The cheapest commercial cleaning around!

Save Time

We know your business is on the clock, which is why we’re on the ball! We’re here to help you with all commercial cleaning duties, big or small, quickly and effectively.

Get Support

Our customer support is prompt and professional, which ensures that you will get the answers you need whenever you need them. We’re always around to help.

Custom Solutions

We fit to your schedule and project constraints. Need us to clean your commercial location a certain way? Tell us what you need, and we’ll do it right the first time!



What Do Customers Think?

Your feedback matters to us. We’re always concerned with our customers and their opinions about our services. See what customers both past and present are saying about our company!

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1413 Positive Reviews

1429 Cleaning Jobs

Customer Satisfaction Rating

We pride ourselves on our level of customer satisfaction. We work closely with our residential and commercial customers to make sure that they absolutely loved their experience with our service. Our customer support follows up with our customers after the cleaning job is done to ensure they were happy with the service.

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